Sensio Presents “Jazz Exotique” 4/9/2014


I had been thinking of doing a straight jazz mix for a while, but never really got around to it until now. As you might have noticed with my last few mixes, I have stepped away from what you would consider modern “dance music”. My primary concern has been self expression through music and to educate and keep the listener aware with past and future rhythms. By expanding and enriching my own musical vocabulary, I hope to do the same for you. The journey continues.. Read More…

Sensio Presents ” Self Reflections ” 16/3/2014


It’s been almost 8 months since the last mix, and I realized that I had to flip the script on a higher intelligence level. After some extensive record digging and outer space consultation, I decided to roll with this mix. I hope you enjoy. I now must leave you as I continue on my journey of spiritual enrichment. Keep supporting the cause.. Read More…

Sensio presents “Trouille Ambiante” 21/7/2013


There used to be a time when dj’s where truly saving people’s lives. Now all I hear when I go out is quantized noise. Too often in today’s electronic music dance landscape dj’s sound like top 40 radio on repeat. And things have gotten a lot worse with all the digital tools that have allowed everyone to call themselves a “dj”. In this mix Sensio asks the question what is a dj? Trouille Ambiante represents a totally different approach, and we hope that you will feel the vision. Shouts to planet Saturn for all the requests. Read More…

Sensio presents “Crate Diggers Vol. 1″ 13/7/2013


Wow! It’s been a little over a year since our last broadcast. And Sensio is back with a special All Vinyl Disco/Electro mix. Some rarities and classics in the mix, we hope that you will enjoy. Watch out for this space as RSW is once again broadcasting on a regular basis. Read More…

Sensio Live from KTRU “Purple Wreck” Mix 1/3/2013


It’s been a very long time since we had a Sensio dj set available. This one comes from his recent Houston visit where he got a chance to play some records at Dijon’s MK Ultra radio show. The show broadcasts every Friday locally on 90.1 HD2 and globally via web on from 9pm-12am (CST). The idea was to create a mix with that would take the listener to a journey from early 80′s NY to late 80′s Detroit and early nineties in Chicago. Some of the mixes are made to be rough on purpose in an attempt to emulate an 80′s radio station setup. Ya Dig! Read More…



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Trikk: Jointly / Fall Down (ManMakeMusic)


Release Date: March 19th

This is a new release from ManMakeMusic’s new signing Trikk. Hailing from Portugal this fella is on a serious journey beyond bass, techno, house and garage. This is music for the serious headz! I have said it before and I wiil say it again, the ideas that are coming from some of the UK’s ‘post dub step’ labels are the most future thinking productions in the game today. And this release is proof of that. Pushing the boundaries of unconventional and hybrid production. Detroit meets, garage meets soul meets broken beat meets bass. Another favorite record here. We play.

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Detroit Swindle: The Wrap Around EP (Saints & Sonnets)


Release Date: March 7th

Really? No, I mean Really. I knew that the Dutch could play football, but never thought that they can make music like this. Detroit Swindle is made up of production partners Lars Dales & Maarten Smeets who hail from Amsterdam, but for a second had us fooled thinking that they were drom D Town. I must say that these guys are the best new thing that I have heard outside of Chicago/Detroit since the likes Germany’s MCDE and Italian producer Nicholas. The Wrap Around is just that next level type of tune that inorporates all the right ingredients. Warm pads, soulful vocals, heavy bass, and cleverly crafted filtering and effects. This is Sensio’s fav tune of the moment. Plain Tomorrow keeps a more mellow vibe, but will surely captivate your crowd with it’s wonderful atmospheric vibe and familiar vocal hook. We play!

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The Mekanism: Can’t Believe EP (Needwant)


Release Date: February 13th

Needwant wecomes Parisian duo Mekanism do the roster with the ‘Can’t Believe EP’. And what a fine release it is! Already championed by Sensio and a record fav on the show so far this year. All tracks work for us with Missing Love and Your Shade being the standouts. Pick up this release on sight. We play.

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